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The management of the Trade Center includes the following tasks:

°  Guarantee the cleaning services for the common areas (interior and exterior walking areas, parking lot and toilets)

°  Guarantee the security service for the Trade Center (walking areas and parking lot)

°  Manage green areas (maintain interior and exterior green areas)

°  Manage the waste disposal of the department store

°  Manage the electricity and water consumption (in common areas and in leased areas)

°  Manage the maintenance of common facilities (air-conditioner, electric generator, fire protection system, elevators, escalators, camera system, disinfestation and such)

°  Solve issues related to management in common areas

°  Guarantee the best working environments for tenants and customers.

°  In charge of tasks related to the management in the department store.

Daily process of service provider supervision:

°  Daily checklist (service provider checklist, toilets checklist, department store checklist, 24/7 duty room checklist, working schedule and such)

°  Reports, request for service hours and the like

°  Weekly and monthly reports

°  Daily meeting with staffs, weekly meeting with service providers

Special emergency process in the Trade Center:

°  Problem solving process within a day (Request for lost and found items, request for support, construction permits and so on)

°  Night shift issue solving process (Night shift construction permits)

°  Other special processes in terms of working demands

Other functions:

°  Function: Cooperatively working with Asset Management Office.

°  Function: Manage daily activities of leasing customers and issues related to leasing contract in the management scope of Asset Management Office

°  Function: Prepare Leasing reports and Debt management reports of leasing customers.

°  Function: Work with Marketing and Trade Department about leasing-related issues.

°  Work with Marketing and Trade Department to find leasing customers for existing booths

°  Assist Marketing and Trade Department in finding potential local leasing customers, contacting these customers (if any) and sending updated list of potential leasing customers to Marketing and Trade Department.

°  Update changes in the Trade Center map

°  Support Trade Department, the management scope of the Trade Center includes:

°  Negotiate leasing price with customers based on the leasing price basis introduced by the Trade Department (highest and lowest price) depending on the existing spots.

°  Recommend leasing customers’ business products

°  Recommend leasing spot positions

°  The management of the Trade Center will take responsible in handling other tasks